This is a collection of every voicemail I've received from this website. All email addresses and phone numbers are scrambled.
  Date Length Message
04-03-2001 0:30 "Hi this is Christy I'm calling from c-net radio in san francisco. We're doing umm a segment tomorow on rap websites and I'd love to include the ebonics page in it. Umm, If you could call me my number is ... Again my name is Christy I produce the Alex Bennet program on c-net radio in San Francisco. I'm talking about tomorow morning in the 10:00 hour. thanks."
04-03-2001 0:06 "Dude, I'm just a white chick and your site rocks, bye."
03-08-2001 0:17 "I know you don't smoke weed, I know dis. But I'm gonna get you high tonight, 'Cause it's Friday, you aint got no job and you aint got shit to do. hehe. I just said all your ads, later dude."
02-12-2001 0:13 "Your ebonics translator sucks. I guess I better ? right next to my pot. Peep this say what? Peepin my ass."
02-02-2001 0:04 "Hello?"
02-01-2001 0:09 "Yo, yo, yo. Whatup dawg. I just wanted to tell you your site is the shiznit up in here, up in here."
01-12-2001 0:14 Some guy makin weird noises into the phone.
12-15-2000 0:20 "Yah Joel, whats up? This is Tyrone Leroy Jackson III. I think we're gonna have some words motherf*cker. I think I wanna meet yo ass. I went to you ebonics website, motherf*cker. You make fun of us black people, bitch. Whats crackin nigga? Yah, email me sometime ... Peace."

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